Can I Meet with a Lactation Consultant While I’m Pregnant?

Many lactation consultants are happy to meet with you prior to your baby’s birth to help prevent problems. It can be very helpful to establish a relationship with someone before a situation is urgent and you’re feeling stressed. These prenatal meetings are particularly helpful under the following circumstances.

  1. You were unable to breastfeed your first baby. Perhaps you felt you didn’t have enough milk, or breastfeeding was painful. Or maybe you breastfed a previous baby but it was not enjoyable.
  2. You want a private, individualized breastfeeding class.
  3. You have had any trauma or surgery on your breasts or chest—including augmentation or reduction.
  4. Your breasts are very different from each other in size and/or shape. Breasts are never absolutely identical, but marked assymetry can indicate an underlying problem.
  5. You are expecting a baby who may have special challenges.
  6. You are expecting twins or more!
  7. You have a medical situation or injury that may require creativity when positioning yourself and baby for breastfeeding.
  8. You were unable to get pregnant naturally—needing help with fertility
  9. You have endocrine problems such as hypo- or hyper thyroid or diabetes.
  10. You are taking medication that you’re concerned about continuing while breastfeeding.


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