Breastfeed Twins? Yes!

If you’re expecting twins, you may be wondering…Is it possible to breastfeed twins? Can my body make enough milk for two babies? Can I really nourish my babies without using formula? The answers are yes, yes and yes!

Your Dr., your doula and your childbirth educator may all have told you, “Most women can’t make enough milk for 2 babies.” Don’t believe them! If your body is equipped to breastfeed one baby, it is highly likely that you will have sufficient milk for 2.

Arnie and Ashley

Last week I met with the parents of these 2 babies to help them with breastfeeding. They told me I was the first professional to say that they could expect to fully breastfeed their twins. They attended a prenatal twins class and the instructor told them “…hardly anyone is able to breastfeed twins without supplementing…” Immediately after giving birth, the nurses in the hospital told the mom, “you are going to have to supplement. They will starve if you only breastfeed.” The next day the pediatrician saw them in the hospital and told the mom, “Your milk isn’t in yet. You need to supplement.” Their doula who considers herself an expert on twins said, “I have never seen a mom 100 percent breastfeed twins.” Well, guess what! After some guidance and adjustments to their routine, these babies are now breastfeeding with no supplementation.

You body is made to breastfeed! It expects to breastfeed. And when you are carrying twins, your body knows you have twins and transmits the information to your breasts. Before you even give birth, your breasts are gearing up for double duty! In fact, research shows that moms of twins produce more than twice as much milk as moms of singletons. Now that’s preparation!

Remember the concept of supply and demand. The more your babies breastfeed, the more milk you produce. If your babies can’t breastfeed immediately after birth (or if one baby can’t breastfeed), use a hospital-grade pump to encourage and maintain milk production.

Will breastfeeding twins be challenging? Of course! Having twins is not easy. You will be learning about 2 babies at once and learning about breastfeeding at the same time. Without a doubt, there will be a steep learning curve. Once you and the babies have figured it out, however, breastfeeding two will be as easy as breastfeeding one!


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6 Responses to “Breastfeed Twins? Yes!”

  1. Joy MacTavish Says:

    Thanks for this great post, Renee! As a doula and childbirth educator, it saddens me that other birth/parenting professionals are giving moms erroneous and discouraging information. I always talk to my twin clients about the realities of breastfeeding twins (just like you said, steep learning curve) but that it is indeed possible with the right motivation and support!

  2. Flora Says:

    thank you for doing your bit to counter all the misinformation out there! I breastfed my twins for 6 months exclusively, and they are still happily (and frequently!) breastfeeding now at 19 months. Human millk is a wondrous thing

  3. Gina Says:

    I exculsively breastfed my twin daughters for 14 months. They were born four weeks early and were in the INCU for one week. At first it was really hard and it felt like all I did was breast-feed. And after I breast-feed I would pump to tell my breasts to make more milk. But after a few months things got much easier.
    Looking back I now realize that I will had tunnel vision regarding breast feeding. I didn’t listen to anyone else said. I was so determined to only give my children breastmilk. That was the right decision for me, but I understand why other people would supplement it can be very taxing on your body however, I have no regrets about my decision.
    I feel very blessed to have been able to breast-feed my children so long. But whatever you can do is wonderful.

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